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Friday, January 25, 2013

Get Social With Gallup

Gallup has expanded its social media presence to bring you our latest research and insights on a variety of social media channels. Business executives, government leaders, and journalists can now easily get and share Gallup's latest research, insights, and news on a wider variety of social networking sites.

Here are all of the ways you can connect with Gallup:

Get and Share Gallup Strategic Consulting Advice and Insights

  1. Follow @gallup on Twitter for our latest research and solutions to help organizations and the world. You will get the latest posts from The Chairman's Blog and The Gallup Blog, articles from the Gallup Business Journal, event updates, new reports, and other articles for business and world leaders.
  2. Follow @gallupjournal on Twitter for the latest headlines from the Gallup Business Journal and other hard-hitting articles for global business executives.
  3. Connect with us on Linkedin to get our latest research and advice for leaders, learn about our company, and explore Gallup's areas of expertise.
  4. Follow us on Pinterest to pin your top 5 strengths, quotes from Gallup's best-selling books, and Gallup News graphs.
Get and Share Gallup News

  1. Follow @gallupnews on Twitter for the latest Gallup News articles and tracking data on politics, the economy, wellbeing, and the world.
  2. Follow @gallupqueue on Twitter to get behind-the-scenes insights from's managing editors on what Gallup is reporting.
  3. "Like" Gallup on Facebook to get data-driven news on political, economic, wellbeing, and global findings.
  4. Subscribe to Gallup's YouTube Channel to watch videos on public opinion research from the U.S. and around the globe.
  5. Easily share Gallup News articles with your social network using the share buttons located at the top and bottom of each article – similar to the ones shown below.

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