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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

BBG Partners With Gallup to Better Understand Media Use Worldwide

(Michael Meehan and Bruce Sherman, BBG)
Gallup and the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) are partnering on a new global research initiative to better understand media use around the world.

The BBG is responsible for all U.S government international broadcasting, reaching more than 187 million people in 100 countries through 59 different languages. Gallup's public opinion research in more than 150 countries around the world will provide the BBG with critical information on people's interests and their methods of media consumption in various regions of the world.

"This partnership is important for us as we look to expand our programming in all of these countries and understand the decentralized nature of media around the world," said Michael Meehan, BBG board member, at an event announcing the partnership at Gallup's world headquarters in Washington, D.C. Bruce Sherman, Director of Global Strategy and Development for the BBG, added, "Now we will have media and opinion research to look at markets and audiences together to deeply enhance our understanding of the people we are trying to reach around the world."

The research project will inform the BBG's strategy for how to better serve women, youth, and other specific population segments worldwide.

Sherman hopes the initiative will lead to insights the BBG can use to overcome barriers that prevent populations from access to reliable media coverage. Gallup's data on media freedom reveals one such hurdle: In many countries where citizens' perceived media freedom is low, there are legal provisions guaranteeing freedom of the press, suggesting that such laws are not always enough. 

Gallup and the BBG will conduct research on a regular basis in many different parts of the world, giving BBG the most up-to-date and targeted insights available on how to best provide all citizens with the media access they want and need.

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