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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Metrics for World Leaders

By Jim Clifton, Gallup Chairman and CEO

World leaders need more than just GDP and other traditional economic metrics to run their countries. Indicators like GDP remain important, however, today’s leaders need to know much more than how much people are spending -- leaders need to know what people are thinking. GDP isn’t enough if you are watching for instability, and GDP certainly isn’t enough if you are trying to figure out levels of hunger, hopelessness, or suffering.

Recent events bear this out. Institutes worldwide knew GDP was rising in Tunisia and Egypt. They knew what 11 million Tunisians and 80 million Egyptians were buying and selling -- but they didn’t know what they were thinking. As a result, revolutions in those countries came as a shock.

Arguably, no institution of leadership foresaw the most significant events in recent memory because these institutions tend to use backward-looking metrics -- the trailing indicators that are classical economics. They build leadership strategies with “after the fact” data.

To help solve this rather serious problem facing world leaders, Gallup presents the first-ever “Global States of Mind: New Metrics for World Leaders.” The report was presented to global leaders and ambassadors in October at the Meridian Global Leadership Summit. It provides all world leaders in government, business, and NGOs with a new set of more timely, forward-looking economics on what their citizens are thinking.

Here’s a glance at who is the best and the worst in the world, not counting statistical ties, on the key metrics included in this report:

Gallup plans to provide a global report on these metrics every year. And we will continuously report to the world when we see shifts of interest -- so that leaders have the information they need to lead their nations toward a better future.

Explore the complete report.

Learn more in our World Poll Knowledge Center.


whosinyou said...
November 29, 2012 at 1:46 PM  

Wow Jim, this is Great. Thanks.

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